LMTC International Scholarships

See below for the application form and further details.

International Scholarship Application Form

Please click or tap the button below to download the application form. Please complete the enquiry form and email immediately to internationalscholarships@thelmtc.com and wait for a response.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which UK universities are currently covered by the international scholarship?

Our guaranteed scholarship scheme currently covers The University of Northampton, Coventry University (Coventry and London campuses), Middlesex University and all UK colleges. We hope to increase the number of schools.

How much is the scholarship?

The amount depends on the number of successful students. Most students whose college or university applications are handled by our collaborative agency – SKY EDUCATION GROUP are likely to be successful in obtaining various sums to cover part of the tuition, rent, books, etc.

How do I submit my application for the scholarship?

First, you have to complete the enquiry form and email immediately to internationalscholarships@thelmtc.com and wait for response.
If you have already secured an offer in any of these schools, you will complete a form to authorise us to confirm with the university, and as your admission agent. This is handled by our collaborative agency – SKY EDUCATION GROUP.
Once this has been completed, we shall carry out a check to confirm that the details submitted are correct and your application will be screened. You will be required to submit a written application of not more than a page outlining why you should be offered the international scholarship, what the scholarship will be used for and the amount you require. Please note that we do not offer full scholarships.
Successful students will be informed before the enrolment date. Scholarship funds are released after the confirmation of enrolment by the school.

Does your collaborative agency – SKY EDUCATION GROUP charge any administrative fees for handling the school applications?

There is no charge for this service and only admission offers authorised by SKY EDUCATION GROUP will be considered for the scholarship scheme.

I am not from Africa, Asia or South America. Can I still apply for the international scholarship?

No. Only students from Africa, Asia and South America are eligible for the scholarship. Students from China are highly encouraged to submit an early application.
All completed application forms should be sent to internationalscholarships@thelmtc.com

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